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“44 Monthly” exhibition / Venue: Huayu Art Center / 2021

"44 Monthly" came to Hainan at the end of 2021 with the opportunity of the "Huayu Youth Award" exhibition to jointly imagine and rehearse many situations of "landing or hitting the rocks". They carried out a 15-day relationship, inspecting, playing, and creating. They used voices, field notes, script writing and reading, the fiction of texts and objects, keyword theater, etc, to complete the collective space writing, responding to the history and current state of the island, and continuing to explore the practice of "prefigurative politics".

"44 Monthly" brings together the creativity of different individuals and disciplines through relay writing/editing/editing. The space installations in the exhibition include our collective works since COVID-19, as well as some fragments of "44 Monthly"'s space writing in Hainan this time, and individual responses from different places. This can be regarded as a camp, an intelligence station, or a supply spot...

A boat landed on land, and a group of weary creatures came down to a beach. In the past year or so, they did some group creative works by using different media such as writing, broadcasting, and videos. Their infrequently meet and massive silent fictionalized this ship (and its ocean), which drifts with it. They entered a cave, set up a temporary camp, and began a period of "repair" and "rest". This included exchanging supplies, raising funds, setting up radio stations, contacting distant places, carrying light things from the cabin, checking the reasons for boarding (may have forgotten), living together on board (can't remember), being able to Talk about an unspeakable catastrophe chase (I'm not talking about it right away) or guess what's coming. Some creatures stayed in the camp to organize and live, and some wanted to team up to go further afield.

On the other side of the strait (those who went ashore did not know that they were on the island), after receiving the broadcast signal, an equally temporary parallel space was set up, and some documents and voices were transmitted, using this as a base to seek help, A wider appeal was issued, and some creatures also formed a team to set off.

(According to the meeting note on September 13th, 2021)

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