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Manufacturing(First draft)

Video & Performance Installation(Cantonese & English Voice Over)

"because how can you sell your products without creating a dream?"

Exhibition archive

There is no doubt that the early 90s was a significant period for the Pearl River Delta Metropolitan Region, as it became a key player in the national economic arena and the world factory for China.

As someone born in the early 90s, this period holds special meaning for me.

This artwork begins with an old family photo of me holding a doll, which was made during that time period by the manufacturing industry.

The installation is set in a room within a gallery space, with the video projected onto the window glass. The installation opens with a 90s disco dance scene where I dance inside the room, with the shadow of my silhouette showing on the window, where the video is projected later. My performance begins inside the room, but I eventually step out and continue to dance outside with the disco music.

The video explores the phenomenon of the development of manufacturing industries and consumerism. I also aim to challenge the boundaries between cinema and reality through my performance. The playful dance becomes a form of self-relief for me and for the people mentioned in the video, while also serving as a satire of consumer society.

Screen shot from the video

Screen shot from the video

Performance archive

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