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Built at Sea - Recursion Controlling Machine

Shanghai Power Station, Interaction video installation, dimension variable, 2021

Perhaps the essence of the world is a machine that is driven layer by layer and controlled recursively—and the human beings who think they are building and transforming the world are only the fuel and lubricating oil of this machine, a consumable in an abstract totality.

We imagined a different way of labor, using the game mechanism to bring the audience into unconscious repetitive labor, and made up a whole set of serious rhetoric for these "labor actions".

Based on deep learning technology, the posture model of the audience will be extracted under the "watching" of the camera, and the machine will judge whether its action is qualified or not. The deep neural network is an abstract imitation of the brain, and in this sense, the game is an artificial intelligence examination of humans.

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Achrive video from the exhibition

Screen shot from the video game

Exhibiton achirve


“Symmetry Breaking

Symmetry and balance are the beginning form, while the breaking and rebalancing of symmetry is the mechanism of evolution. The fundamental law of the world already contains asymmetry, that is, the parity of the weak interaction is not conserved, so physicists say that God is left-handed, which is the key to the formation of symmetry. The human cerebellum has developed a powerful computing ability, freeing our hands, and allowing us to create tools. Likewise, the body can only develop if it breaks through perfect symmetry. In order to seek rebalancing in the chaos get out of ignorance. Remember to exercise your cerebellum more!”

Forget Right

Because of the protection of the geomagnetic field, the earth will not be bombarded beyond recognition by the solar wind. In general, all charged particles are subject to the Lorentz force when they cut the magnetic field lines. So the meaning of turning the body quickly is to make the molecules in the body, especially polar molecules, such as water, be excited in the magnetic field, to jump to a higher energy level. The organ most sensitive to electromagnetic influences in the body is the brain, and once it is at a higher energy level, the signals of all neurons are particularly active, thereby stimulating inspiration and enhancing intelligence.

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