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Liquid / 2 Channel Video Installation / 2019

Liquid is a project exploring the intense situation of humans. It will show as a video installation. In the video, everything is doubly framed. Performers are lying in boxes filled with slime interacting with the compact square space.

Los Angeles is a city surrounded by deserts. The history of competition for water resources is full of fraud, blood, and violence. The original intention of Liquid is related to my doubts and surprises about how this dry land has become a famous metropolis. In this context, what is the relationship between people and water? How can water, a natural resource, be monopolized, bought and sold, and become currency in the game of power?
In this game, has the natural relationship between water and man been alienated?

But Liquid is not trying to show my research or tell this story. It comes more from instinct and the exploration and understanding of materials. The work attempts to explore the relationship between people, liquids, and trapping spaces. In the process, I got the chance to observe the instinctive reflection of people and the tension of the human body when exposed to such an environment.
The project about water will continue.

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