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A Comfortable Trip to Westlake

Photography, leisure chair, blanket, side cabinet, green tea box, paper flower, vase, ceramic frog; single-channel video with sound, 1'26"

The artist and her friend had a comfortable trip to West Lake. There is nothing more exciting than wearing the safest and most comfortable social costume to the tourist attraction!

The photos and video of this project were taken in mainland China, which has entered another “normalization” after being swept by the epidemic. The shooting location is Hangzhou West Lake, a tourist attraction in the south of the Yangtze River. It also transformed into a performance piece when it happened in public.

The artist defines the looks the performers have in the project as a new "social costume". N95 masks provide us with health protection against viruses that are invisible to the naked eye. Face masks, on the other hand, provide identity protection for surveillance cameras all over the country. Because it's hard to imagine how many cameras are set up in such a park open to the public. Everyone is being watched by the power behind real-time monitoring.


During the epidemic, technologies such as face recognition and real-time positioning are applied by the government. These technologies have rapidly penetrated the lives of the vast majority of people on the grounds of public health.

Is it a way to deal with the invisible fear by making ourselves invisible when we have to face the invisible terror?

Exhibition archive

Single-channel video with sound

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