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Directing work / Dimensions variable / 8’35’’ / Film / 2018~2019

If hands are our sex organs, what will that look like?

This question came from my daily chat with a friend.
But I found it very interesting if I considered it as a parallel world scenario. This setting changes our behaviors, lifestyle, and objects around us. As the most frequently used body part, ‘hands’ underpin the theme of sex. Project Clap is a short film with three scenes about the scenario that hands are the sex organ of human-being.

When I told this idea to my friends, they burst out in laughter immediately. Me too. I guess we all feel embarrassed or shy so we are trying to cover it by laughter. Besides having fun with a free imagination, I want to reexamine where the sense of shame comes from and how it influences our life.


How can our "natural" bodies be reimagined and re-lived in ways that transform the sensitive and often unspoken part into our commonly used hands? There's no doubt that we are living in a world that keeps producing new creatures like cyborgs and AI, I hope this film can be a personal reaction towards the controversy and discussion around them.

Rising Questions

Is the sense of shame toward sex inherent or acquired/developed?

What scenario can we foresee if the functions of sex organs (pleasure and reproduction) are met by inner/outer artificial devices?

If the functions of sex organs get separated from the body, will it bring about any positive influence(Such as reducing the crime rate, or holding the population)?

Anatomical Drawing of Male Sex Organ

Anatomical Drawing of Female Sex Organ

Pregnancy Schematic Diagram

Pregnancy 2~4 weeks

Pregnancy 5~7 weeks

Pregnancy 8~10 weeks

Pregnancy 10~40 weeks

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