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Flying Suofen Plan 1

3 Channel Video with sound,  4'07'', dimensions variable, 2017

The right perpetuator that I aim to depict is a powerful machine hidden in the depths of society, constantly operational yet unnoticed.


In the dialects of Jiangsu and Zhejiang, "suofen" refers to fragile, easily broken dried rice noodles.

To observe suofen's journey from Hangzhou to Beijing, I asked a programmer friend to bring me some suofen without sophisticated packaging or protection measures and record the entire process. Every step of the journey, from buying the suofen to its arrival in Beijing, was captured on camera. From another perspective, suofen traveled by foot, took elevators and escalators, rode in taxis, passed through security checks, and even took a flight.


Since my friend is an amateur cameraman, I did not specify any particular requirements for the video's structure, composition, or storyline. My purpose was to observe suofen from a unique and commonly-neglected angle, and to bring attention to its existence. The video also serves as a reflection of modern life and the national system. For example, it highlights the contradiction between the efficient modern lifestyle and the strict safety checks imposed on innocent suofen. Additionally, the video captures unremarkable details (such as buildings and fashions) in this age of information explosion, making it a valuable media product.

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